Afternoon Update

We’re currently 90 degrees outside with a heat index of 93 degrees. So far, we’ve been lucky with dodging showers and storms, but that luck will likely run out for some of us as we go through the rest of the day and night. There are two notable areas of storms on radar. One is in southeast TN and the other is in south central Kentucky. Both of these areas have severe t-storm warnings.


We’re kinda in the middle of it all right now, but we’ll get in on the action before the day/night is through. A lot of the activity in the Midwest, up around Indiana, is slowly working its way southward, as well. There’s a lot of energy in this atmosphere, so any storm that is popping up is becoming very strong to severe.


I’ll keep an eye on things and if anything rough pops up I’ll do my best to hop online and keep you posted!

As for the tropics, we now have Tropical Storm Beryl in the Atlantic. It was that red-circled area in the southern Atlantic that I showed you in this morning’s blog. The storm is moving westward but is expected to weaken early next week in a hostile environment. I’ll keep an eye on it, though.


You all have a good evening and stay cool!

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