July in Tennessee



Today: Any storm that develops could be strong

Rest of the week: Heat


We have a chance for some scattered afternoon and evening storms today, though those chances look a bit lower today than they did yesterday. Never the less, any storm that does develop will be capable of heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, and gusty winds.

Tonight, we have a weak disturbance that will be swinging in, which could produce additional isolated showers or storms. Those should remain below severe limits. Some isolated storms could regenerate Wednesday, especially if any activity today and tonight leaves behind some outflow boundaries for storms to fire on. Other than that, the day will be very warm and humid.

For the rest of the week, the heat will settle in and there will be little to no relief from any afternoon storms. A very typical July heat wave looks to be settling in. Highs toward the end of the week and the weekend may have to be adjusted upward.


I probably should have put at least an isolated storm on every day, but chances drop so low that I decided to leave them off. Whenever heat and humidity build in as much as it’s going to, you can never completely rule out an isolated shower or storm.


The tropics continue to be active, though there are no threats to the U.S. Tropical Storm Chris is still spinning off the East Coast and will likely become a hurricane today. The storm’s winds are still at 70 mph, which is only four miles per hour shy of hurricane status. High surf and rip tides are the greatest impacts along the coast.


The remnants of Beryl continue to be poorly organized, However, as I’ve been mentioning, these things can regenerate. Now, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) expects those remnants to do just that as it reaches the Bahamas. Indications are that the storm will remain offshore and pose little to no threat to the U.S. mainland. The NHC has highlighted in orange where regeneration may occur.



Well, if you don’t like hot weather you should have been here on this day in 1961 (or at least remember it! ha). On the morning of July 10, 1961 the low temperature in Crossville bottomed out at 46 degrees! Folks, that is chilly for this time of year! This is the record low for July in Crossville.

On the complete flip side of that, on this day in 1913 weather history was made in North America. On July 10, 1913 the temperature soared to 134 degrees at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California! This is the hottest temperature ever recorded in North America. This came after a morning low of 93 degrees! On top of that, sandstorm conditions accompanied the heat. I think it’s ironic this occurred at ‘Green’land Ranch.

On this day in 1926 lightning struck an ammunition factory in northern New Jersey. By the time all was said and done, every building within a half mile radius had been completely destroyed.  Debris was found 20 miles away! Property damage was estimated at 70 million dollars and 16 people lost their lives. Folks said the whole explosion started as a big red fireball that leaped into the air.

You all have a great day and keep me in mind tonight. There is a “Meet the Candidates” event at the Cumberland County Playhouse at 6:00 p.m. and all county commissioner and mayor candidates have been invited to do a four-minute speech to introduce ourselves. The event will be Facebook Live through the Playhouse Facebook page. Wish me luck! To say I’m nervous is the understatement of the year. Don’t forget that early voting starts Friday and election day is August 2, which is the Thursday of the Highway 127 yard sales.




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