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A Friday to be weather-aware



Friday: Severe thunderstorms (all modes of severe wx possible)


While Friday is looking rough, we have one more day of nice weather in store for us this Thursday. The humidity will be low again today, but it will begin creeping up this evening and into the overnight hours. By Friday morning, you’ll know the “muggies” have returned.

For Friday, you’ll need to be weather aware. Our atmosphere will become very unstable and all modes of severe weather are possible. This is a bit of an usual set-up for the latter part of July, but it’s not unprecedented. Unfortunately, when we’ve had these set-ups in the past we often get very strong storms with damaging winds and hail. Isolated tornadoes are also possible.

Right now, it looks like the main threat will come Friday evening with a nasty squall line capable of widespread damaging winds. Prepare now for power outages, just in case.

Scattered storms will stick with us through the weekend, though they will be back to the summer-like kind of activity that we are accustomed to.

Below is a graphic showing that the greatest risk for severe storms during the day Friday is across Kentucky, but notice that it aims right for us.  There are indications that some afternoon storms could develop across Middle TN. If those develop, they will likely be severe.


Use this time to prepare for storms and make sure you know what to do if a warning is issued. It’s always a good idea to brush off those plans from time to time.


The main focus during this forecast period should be Friday. Storms are possible throughout the day, but the greatest risk for widespread severe weather will come during the evening. We’ll nail down more specific timing as we get closer to the event.

Large hail, some to the size of golfballs (or larger), is possible in the environment that we will have in place tomorrow. The amount of “spin” to the atmosphere will also support a tornado threat, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that as well. This set-up reminds me of our Memorial Day weekend storms last year. Go ahead and prepare for power outages, as they are looking likely for some of us, if not many of us.

I’ll keep an eye on all of this tomorrow and I’ll keep you updated. As always, as long as there is a severe weather threat, I’ll be right here online!

I’ll leave you with a pic I took early this morning, as the sun was rising. Pretty cool, right?


I’ll update you all as more weather info becomes available for Friday’s storm potential.

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