Exciting news!

Today, I received a notification from WordPress that this morning’s blog was the 500th one! How cool is that? Thank you all so much for reading along and for trusting me with your weather info. I hope you all enjoy reading my daily blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

I also have some more good news! Tomorrow is weatherTAP’s 20th birthday! To celebrate, we’ve been giving away a prize every day to anyone who “likes” our Facebook status updates. That continues through July 31st!

Tomorrow, it gets even better! ANYONE can try weathertap.com for FREE! That’s right, FREE! Just use the word “birthday” for both the username and password and you’re in!  No email. No credit card. Nothing! Just type in birthday a couple of times and BOOM, you have access to over 10,000 weather products!

If you decide to take us up on this offer and you have questions, just let me know! Check  it out and see what you think. I use our products every single day, so I’m an excellent source to ask for advice or help.

I hope you all have a great evening and that you take a moment to try our site out on Thursday. See why so many storm chasers, TVA, AND the Pentagon trust us with their weather data. I’d be lost without my weatherTAP, and I think you’ll see why after giving us a try!

You all take care and I’ll have a full blog update for you in the morning!


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