We must be livin’ right



No major weather threats in sight.


As the saying goes, we must be livin’ right, folks! How else could we have ended up with such pleasant July weather? This is more of a late spring forecast than late July! Humidity isn’t going to be all that bad, and temps are going to be very pleasant for this time of year.

The only “fly in the ointment” may come Friday, when a weakening system may set off a shower or storm. I think most of us will stay dry.

Too bad this forecast isn’t next week’s. The yard salers would have appreciated this. Unfortunately, it looks like a big pattern change is coming next week and, well, let’s just say umbrellas might be a hot commodity at the yard sales. I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to those days. Right now, next week is looking very unsettled. If you’re going to have a yard sale I’d recommend doing that this week or Saturday.


We really should be thankful for this weather. I’ve already had some folks ask about what this may mean for our fall weather? Well, extended forecasts are always problematic and are basically a  shot in the dark. Never the less, we are seeing record heat out west and a lot of those folks are also very dry. Some places in Texas haven’t seen rain in over 50 days. Farther west, Death Valley, California hit 127 degrees yesterday (yikes!).

Now, it’s possible that all that heat and dry weather will shift our way in time. But, I doubt it would get here anytime soon. There’s certainly no indication of that. But, should it get here for our autumn season I don’t think we’ll complain. The fall months are our driest months of the year and our gardens will be finished by then. And above normal temps in the fall are temps in the 80s. That sure beats having that heat here now, when our temps would have soared to the 90s.

I’m not saying that heat will come our way, but if it does, it sure won’t be as bad as if it had moved over here on us in July or August!

We also have to keep in mind that hurricane season activity really picks up in the fall. Just as things may get warm and drier, we may see tropical activity slip up here on us. We are expecting an active season this year, so that’s certainly possible.


Speaking of tropics…..Nothing to see here, folks. At least not yet.


We always look for some ice to cool off in the summer, right? Well, I’m not sure that’s what folks in South Dakota were really looking for on this day in 1986.  On this day, hailstorms pounded that state with accumulating hail.  Some farms experienced a total loss of their crops. Cars were damaged and windows were shattered by hail up to the size of golfballs.  Black Hawk, northern Rapid City, Miller, and Huron, South Dakota all reported hail up to two feet deep! Miller and Huron both reported that the hail fell for 85 minutes!

We’re getting close to the anniversary of our own, very destructive hailstorm here in Crossville.  Anyone remember the August 29, 1990 hailstorm? I’ll have all kinds of info on that when we get to that anniversary.

You all have a great day! Facebook reminded me that I shared this pic one year ago today. That’s still one of my top sunrise pics (in my opinion).


OH! Don’t forget that this is the last week to early vote! You have until noon Saturday. Election day is next Thursday, right when the 127 Yard Sales are in full swing.

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