A nice summer day


Main Threats

No major threats in sight.


Today is going to be a very nice summer day for most of us. I am seeing a few showers over in the mountains and even one or two trying to develop on the plateau. Those isolated showers (maybe a storm?) will be with us all day today. This is certainly nothing to cancel your plans over.

On Sunday, our rain chances go up a bit, though most of us should still stay dry. That will be the trend for this upcoming week. I may have to increase our rain chances on Tuesday, but I’ll wait until some more data comes in before doing that.


There’s really nothing major to discuss here.


There’s a little something to talk about! (ha) It’s waaayyyyy out in the Atlantic and absolutely no threat to land, but it has a 20% chance of developing into a tropical storm. I’ll keep you posted on this fascinating (sarcasm) tropical system.



Many folks have never seen the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). I actually saw these all the way down here to the plateau many years ago. It was one of the more unusual aurora events that stretched all the way to Tennessee. It looked like red ghost on the northern horizon, and I even thought something big was on fire in Fentress County.

But, on this day in 1882 a historic Aurora Borealis took place that folks all the way to Mayport, Florida saw! That must have been quite the sight! Observers throughout Minnesota said it was the most brilliant show they had ever seen. Folks in Louisville, Kentucky said it looked like “merry dancers across the sky.”

If I ever hear of a forecast for these reaching this far south again, I’ll definitely let you all know!

You all have a great day and be careful if you’re out yardsailing!

And look at that evening sky today! Venus in the west, Mars in the southeast, and Jupiter overhead. It’s an incredible sight!

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