A summer-like pattern and a heck of a meteor shower!


Main Threats

No widespread hazardous weather expected.


We have a disturbance that will be swinging through this afternoon and that is expected to kick off some showers and storms. They shouldn’t be too widespread, as this is a fairly weak disturbance. Just be mindful of this if you plan to be outside this afternoon and evening.

Our rain chances drop for both Sunday and Monday as drier air works in here. We still can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm in the afternoon/evening.

Rain chances should still stay isolated for Tuesday but the chances of showers and storms may increase again by Wednesday, as another front slowly moves in on us again for the end of the week. Those elevated rain chances (50-60%) will stay with us through the end of the week.


We’re still watching for some development, but no area of interest is any threat to the U.S. at this time or any time soon.

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On this day in 1998 an Overton County man was killed when he was struck by lightning while working out in his tobacco patch. Two others who were helping him were seriously injured.

Always, always, always be mindful of thunderstorms when you’re working outside. You also need to pay attention to dark clouds. You may be the first strike and not have any thunder to warn you of a gathering storm.


Don’t forget to check out the Perseid meteor shower tonight! The best time to view them is after 10:00 pm.  Try to find as much sky as you can and look up. This is expected to be the best meteor shower of 2018. I’ll send out a blog to remind you later this evening. Be sure and look for Venus in the early evening, western sky. Look for Mars in the southeast in the evening and it will slowly progress toward the west as the night goes along. We have a new moon tonight so viewing should be awesome.

The Perseids are known for producing fireballs and long-tailed meteors. It should be quite the show!

I got out yesterday evening and walked down to the pond. I noticed the Goldenrods are blooming and Indian Paintbrush. Get out and take a look around today. Summer always tries to end with a colorful bang.


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