A smoky sunset?

Some of you may have noticed an especially red sun yesterday before sunset. The sun was very reddish orange and even looked like it had stripes across it. You know how sunsets go, though. If you run back in the house to get your phone to take pics it’s all over by the time you come back out. I wouldn’t know anything about that (cough). That’s just what I’ve heard….

Anyway, you may have another chance to see that this evening! Smoke from wildfires in Canada is being filtered right into our skies by northwest winds aloft. That’s what caused our red sunset Sunday evening.

The “smoke map” has just been updated and it shows thick smoke aloft streaming into Middle TN this afternoon. This could lead to quite a sunset! Thankfully, this smoke is high up in the atmosphere and not a problem down here at the surface.

Also, notice all the fires burning our west. More are flaring up every day.


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