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A rainy day and unsettled time


Main Threats

Today: Heavy downpours that could drop visibility while driving.


Expect numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms for your Saturday. I don’t think we’ll see too many storms but it’s certainly not out of the question. We have a very saturated atmosphere, so some of the rainfall today could be heavy.

The unsettled weather continues for Sunday, though coverage of showers and storms will be less than today.

A strong cold front moves in here Monday and Tuesday, increasing our shower and storm chances. The Storm Prediction Center has placed us in the marginal risk for severe storms for Monday and we’ll probably see that again on Tuesday. I don’t think we’ll see anything too bad, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Once that front passes through here sometime Tuesday, it will usher in the coolest air we’ve seen in a while. It’s looking like our first taste of fall will arrive by Wednesday. The fall-like, beautiful weather should stick with us through at least Friday, before yet another system begins moving in.


The system we were watching in the southern Atlantic completely fell apart yesterday. It encountered a very harsh environment for tropical systems and dissipated. No new development is expected for at least the next five days.

This has been the trend all summer and I’m not sure this trend will break. This could end up being one of the quietest tropical seasons we’ve seen in a while. We still have September and October to go, though, so we can’t let our guards down just yet. The season peaks September 10, with most other activity on about three weeks of either side of that date.

PHOTO-Tropical storm and hurricane days Atlantic basin- 81916-NOAA-831x546-Landscape


While we are cloudy and rather cool today, that was not the case on this day in 1980.  Today was the 5th consecutive day of breaking record high temperatures at Crossville. On this day we topped out at 96 degrees. We would have one more day of record-breaking heat before that streak would be broken. Aren’t you glad we’re not dealing with that today? Six consecutive days of record-breaking heat…..ugh

It was on this day in 1925 that a disaster of a hailstorm struck southeastern Iowa. The hail completely destroyed all crops along a 75-mile long path! That path varied in width from 6-10 miles. Chickens, cattle, and pigs within the path of this storm were killed and corn fields were completely flattened and shredded by the hail. The damage was so severe to some farmsteads that the families had to leave their farms to search for work elsewhere. This remains one of the worst hailstorms on record for the U.S.


Finally, for those of you who follow me on Facebook you know that my Grandma Lorene became very sick yesterday. This was very sudden and rather unexpected. She is in ICU this morning and your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Granny. She wanted everyone to get a laugh out of thinking she hunted those turkey herself this past spring.


And Granny loves her flowers. She loves it when folks compliment her on them.


Back on August 2nd, we had my election party at her house and we had it all decorated for the occasion. We sure had a good time that night, especially when we were all able to cheer my victory. Granny loved ever minute of it.


Thank you to all who have sent your prayers and kind words. You have no idea how much it means to all of us. As soon as I knew folks were praying, everything just seemed a bit better.



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