Fall will make a visit, but summer is coming right back.

No 5-day to display today.

Main Threats

Today: Isolated storms that could be strong to severe


The cold front is over by the Mississippi River this morning and it is moving east. So, we are still in the very warm and humid air mass ahead of the cold front. This means scattered showers and storms will be with us through this afternoon. As the cold front gets closer, some of the storms could be strong to even briefly severe. Those chances seem to be a bit higher if you’re going east today, over toward Knoxville. The front will move through there a bit later in the afternoon, when the atmosphere is more unstable. No widespread severe weather is expected but a storm or two could get a bit rowdy.

By tomorrow, the dry air will be moving in down here at the surface but moisture will still be streaming in above us. This means we will see a mostly cloudy day but we should stay dry. It will feel very fall-like outside tomorrow; cloudy and cool. Highs will only be in the 70s!

That nice weather continues for Thursday, but we should see much more sunshine. Highs once again will only be in the 70s, after morning lows in the 50s.

On Friday, we’ll have another nice day. The only fly in the ointment is a disturbance that will drop into the western part of the state Friday afternoon/evening. That could send an isolated shower or storm toward the plateau. It’s nothing to cancel your outdoor plans over, but I do feel it’s worth mentioning. That rain chance is 15-20%.

I sure hope you enjoyed that fall weather of Wednesday-Friday because summer makes a rapid return on Saturday. Temps will rise into the 80s and that humidity will start creeping back up. Expect this summer-like pattern to stick with us through at least the middle of next week.


We may be warm and humid today, but we were cranking up the oven on this day in 1983. On that day here in Crossville, we set our all-time record high temperature for the month of August when we hit 99 degrees. Whew….I don’t even want to think about how hot it must have been off this plateau!

We really have been so incredibly fortunate this summer with our temperatures. Even if the fall season were to be warmer than usual, that would still just put us in the 80s. That’s not too bad. I’m not saying the fall is going to be hot. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cool/wet trend sticks with us right on through most of the fall. I took a peak at the extended outlooks this morning.

Below is the outlook for August 26-30. As you can see, a hot air mass will take over the eastern U.S. for the last days of August.


But don’t despair. This is the outlook for the first two weeks of September. Back to cooler weather we go! Makes one wonder when one of these cool spells will give us our first frost….


We keep flip-flopping about every week or two with our temps. If we’re cooler the first two weeks of September, we may have another warm spell for the second half of the month. Then, back to cool for the first of October. Maybe that will be the cool spell that gives us our first frost? I’ll have to keep an eye on that one for us.


Don’t forget about the online weather courses being offered by the NWS. Those start tomorrow evening. All the info for that can be found at https://www.weather.gov/ohx/weather101

Thank you all for all the well-wishes, thoughts, and prayers for my grandmother. She remains in ICU this morning and she is improving (overall) but we still have a scary road ahead of us. Please keep us all in your prayers. It’s getting very exhausting at this point and we are really hoping and praying for some significant recovery to come soon. I took this week off from work but I’m still keeping an eye on the weather for you all. I leave for a two-day conference tomorrow in Murfreesboro that will be an orientation to being a county commissioner. I’ll still be watching your weather, though. Thankfully, the weather looks very pleasant the second half of this week.

You all have a great day.

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