One year ago this afternoon

Do you remember what you were doing one year ago this afternoon? I bet you were out staring at the sun. No, you weren’t crazy. It was the total solar eclipse! That was quiet the sight, wouldn’t you say? Who’s ready to drive west with me in 2024 to see the next one? It will be over the Mississippi River. I’m worried about it, though. It’s on April 8 and I just don’t know how clear skies will be. That is the peak of severe weather season, so I’m not sure I could handle a total solar eclipse and severe weather on the same day (ha).

Thank goodness that eclipse was last year and not today! Look at all those clouds out there today.


This is the path of the next total eclipse. Notice it goes over Niagara Falls. I bet you that’s where half the country will be that day!


By the way, today’s storms are behaving themselves so far. We still can’t rule out a strong storm or two this afternoon or evening.

And just to update those of you who have been asking about my granny (thank you for that!), she is gradually improving. We may get to move out of ICU and into a regular room this evening. Then, we’ll be there until at least Thursday. Keep those prayers coming.

You all have a great day.

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