The first day of fall


Main Threats

Today: Any storm could be on the strong side


I know what you’re thinking after reading the headline of this blog. You’re thinking, “That crazy Mark thinks today is the first day of fall.” Well, it is! In meteorology we place our months in three-month increments. Fall is Sept., Oct., and Nov. Astronomy goes by the sun’s position along the Equator and Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We just like to do things a bit more simpler in meteorology. So, happy first day of meteorological fall!

I wish I could say it will feel like fall of the year, but I can’t. It will be quite warm and humid today with scattered afternoon and evening showers/storms. Just be aware that some of these could be on the strong side.

Drier air moves in here for Sunday and that will drop our storm chances back down to the isolated variety. That forecast will hold true right on into the middle of next week.


The tropics are a bit more active. The chances of something developing in the northern Gulf of Mexico are now increasing again and it looks like we could have a storm there by the middle of next week (if not sooner).

Meanwhile, we have Tropical Storm Florence in the Atlantic. She is expected to swing northward and be no threat to land. Other disturbances behind Florence, however, will need to be watched over the next one to two weeks.



On this day in 1979 a home in Centerville, TN was struck by lightning. Centerville is about halfway between Nashville and Jackson, TN. Now, a house being struck by lightning isn’t all that interesting of a weather fact, right? Well, this made the third time the house had been struck within a nine-year period of time. This time, though, the lightning completely destroyed the home. Third time is the charm?

Speaking of lightning….

On this day in 1995 an Estill Springs man was injured by lightning while he sat outside on his patio. Estill Springs is located down near Lynchburg, TN. The man was injured when lightning struck a nearby tree, ran through the ground toward the gentleman, and then ran up the metal legs of the chair he as sitting in. Is it too soon to tell “electric chair” jokes? (ha) Thankfully, the man only suffered minor injuries, which included a stiff neck and shoulders and temporary memory loss. Be a shame if he couldn’t remember that wild ride, right? 🙂

You all have a great Labor Day weekend and watch out for that lightning!


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