A summer-like Labor Day weekend


Main Threats

No major threats in sight. Just be careful in the heat and humidity of the afternoons.


A nice summer-like Labor Day weekend is in store for us, folks. Just be careful if you’re outside a lot the next couple of days. That heat can affect you quicker than you may be aware of. Also be mindful of that isolated storm chance in the afternoons/evenings.


There is now an 80% chance of a tropical storm developing in the Gulf over the next five days. This is something we’ll be monitoring very closely. If this storm moves northward it will bring us some widespread rainfall for the middle of the week. If it moves west toward Texas then we will stay hot and dry. Models are currently split on these two solutions, so we’ll wait and see what later model runs show.

Meanwhile, we still have Tropical Storm Florence out in the Atlantic. This storm is currently no threat to any land. Another disturbance behind Florence will be something to watch.

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On this date in 1954 a very dry air mass was in place across the Tennessee. Because dry air heats up and cools off efficiently, there were huge temperature spreads across the state. After breaking a September morning low of 44 degrees at Crossville, we quickly climbed to 90 degrees that afternoon! We went from a very chilly morning to a very hot afternoon.

On this date in 1935 the most powerful hurricane to strike the U.S. hit the Florida Keys. The hurricane packed winds of at least 200 mph. At least 400 people died. The storm went through the Keys and then turned north. It weakened as it moved up the west coast of Florida. This was before storms were named, so we simply refer to this storm as the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. The Keys recorded the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded on U.S. soil as the storm moved through there. This is only the third category 5 hurricane to ever strike the U.S. The other two are Camille in 1969 and Andrew in 1992.

You all have a wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening!

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