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Afternoon update

The clouds this afternoon have helped keep our temps down a little bit. We are currently 84 degrees, with a heat index of 88 degrees. That’s still hot but the temp would have flirted with the 90-degree mark had the clouds not moved in. The clouds are somewhat related to Gordon, as he has added a bit more moisture to the atmosphere. Although the sky looks rather rainy from time to time, there are still only very isolated showers across the plateau. Below is a current look at the radar.


Tropical Storm Gordon continues to move closer to the Gulf coastline. It now looks as if Gordon will not reach hurricane status, though he still has a few hours to achieve that. Max sustained winds are at 65 mph. Winds must reach 74 mph to be classified as a hurricane. He has been holding at 65 mph all day.

This is the radar for near Mobile, AL. The white circle is the center of the storm. Gordon is tracking off to the northwest at 15 mph.


The sky has been very pretty today. You can always tell when tropical moisture is being thrown our way. The clouds look more like clouds you would see at the ocean. I snapped this pic out of my office window a bit earlier.


You all have a great evening!

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