Afternoon break and tropical update

Have you got the Friday afternoon blahs? Well, blah no more! I have some pics to show you from my morning run that are sure to inspire. Well, maybe I’m over hyping this but let’s just roll with it.

First of all, I spotted some spectators in the foggy darkness. Can you see their silhouette?


Maybe you can see them better now. You just never know what’s lurking that fog…  I guess that’s what you call mooo-rning fog? 🙂IMG_20180907_063235

Then, there was that foggy sunrise. This is right across the road from where my house will be.


This pick will be my backyard when I get my house built. How cool is that view?IMG_20180907_063047

And I don’t know what this is, but it was all bloomed out this morning in the fence row.IMG_20180907_065152

Speaking of running, you all wish me luck as I’ll be running my first fall marathon of the 2018 season in the morning. It’s the Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon in Townsend. I ran this race for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. It’s also one of the prettiest races I have ever ran.

On a bit more serious note, model data continues to look disturbing with Florence. This afternoon’s data paints a picture of a powerful hurricane flirting with our East Coast the middle of next week. Hopefully, everyone from North Carolina to New England will review their hurricane plans now and not wait until the storm gets closer. It will be unprecedented if this storm hits, as we have never had a landfall from a storm this far north in the Atlantic. Normally, they curve out to see long before threatening the coast. I about gasped when weatherTAP’s wind model put a number 4 on the storm as it moves east. That would be a category four storm, with winds up to 155 mph.


This is just one model, and much can change between now and then, but this is the picture it paints for next Thursday. Notice that powerful hurricane on the East Coast. The disturbing thing is how so many of the models are consistently trending toward a similar solution.


I’ll be keeping an eye on Florence, for sure!

As for us, there’s nothing on radar at this time and our chances of a storm are set at about 20% this evening.

You all have a great evening and even better weekend!

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