Hot, but a cool down is on the way


Main Threats

Today: Heat and humidity in the afternoon/evening


We will see continued partly cloudy skies today with only a slight chance of an afternoon shower/storm. Look for those storm chances to increase a bit for Friday and continuing for the next several days after that. It won’t rain on everyone, but there should be some scattered storms around, mostly in the heat of the afternoons/evenings.

A front will sag into our neck of the woods for Sunday and that may increase coverage of storms. That front will hang around through the middle of next week, until a stronger cold front sweeps through, bringing with it a fall-like air mass for the end of the week and weekend.


There’s still not a whole lot going on. We’re just keeping our eyes on a couple of disturbances. One is way out in the Atlantic and has about a 40% of becoming a storm. It will likely pose no threat to the U.S, though. The next named storm will be Kirk.

The other disturbance is down in the southern Atlantic and shows little chance of becoming anything. Never the less, I’ll monitor it.


The peak of hurricane season occurs on about two weeks either side of September 10th. So, it makes sense that there are so many hurricane records these days.

On September 19, 1926, for instance, a hurricane slammed Pensacola, Florida with wind gusts to 152 mph. The storm had impacted Miami on the 18th. The hurricane became very powerful before arriving in Pensacola, where it produced winds in excess of 100 mph for four hours! Winds were 75 mph or greater for 20 hours! Folks, that was a heck of  a hurricane!

It was on this day in 1989 that Hugo was making his way across the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Iris was in his way, though. It was on this day that Hugo would overcome Iris and cause her to weaken and move away. Hugo would later become one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever impact the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

Changing the subject….

You want to cool off? Well, on this day in 1983 the temperature at West Yellowstone, Montana fell to six degrees BELOW zero. Six below zero on the 20th of September! Whew….that is cold!


You may hear about some rough weather well to our north today. Parts of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are expecting a widespread severe weather outbreak later on today. That threat spreads to the Northeast tomorrow, as a mainly damaging wind threat. If you know anyone with air travel plans tomorrow the storms in the Northeast may wreck havoc with flight delays, etc.

Speaking of flight plans and crazy weather….

How would you like to be landing and see this out your window? This occurred Monday as a plane was landing at Richmond’s airport in Virginia. They looked off to the side and saw a developing tornado! Florence spawned at least 13 tornadoes across Virginia that day.


Wish me luck as I head over to the UT Experiment Station to help out with Ag Day during my lunch. I was so honored to have been asked to help out with this. They will be busing in third graders from all the county schools to teach them all about agriculture. Of course, there’s a weather aspect to all of this, and this is where your very own Meteorologist Mark comes in! Maybe I’ll even get some of them to thinking about meteorology as a career….

You all have the best day.

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