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Afternoon update


Showers are moving northeast, so if you look southwest you’ll see only some very light showers, followed by a pretty good patch of drier weather. This could bode well for the drive home this evening. At least there’s nothing really heavy on radar in our area right now.

You won’t be able to see it well,  but tonight is the Harvest Moon. The moon will be fullest at 9:53 p.m. The Harvest Moon is the moon closest to the fall equinox and is particularly bright in appearance. Our only hope of seeing that moon is a miraculous break in the clouds. But, who knows, we might just get lucky!

I’ve noticed on social media that some storm chasers are heading out to Illinois for storms tomorrow. Thankfully, those storms will stay to our north, but I’ll have more info on them in the morning. It could be a rough weather day for Illinois and Indiana on Tuesday.

You all have a great evening!

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