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A nice looking forecast


Main Threats

No major threats this upcoming week


We sure are seeing better weather this week than we saw last week! Sure, we have a slight chance for a shower or storm Monday afternoon/evening, followed by an even better chance of scattered showers/storms on Tuesday, but this is NOTHING compared to the 6-9 inches of rain that fell across the county last week!

The Tuesday system clears out and leaves us with a nice second half of the work week.


All is pretty quiet. Tropical Storm Leslie is spinning away out in the open Atlantic. It looks like she will become a hurricane sometime this week, but she will remain no threat to land. She’ll just be one of those hurricanes we can watch spin away on satellite, with no worries of any land impacts.


It was chilly on the morning of September 30, 1949. That was when Nashville set a new record low of 36 degrees. I’m not sure what our low was here in Crossville, but I think it’s safe to assume we were likely a little below freezing. Our first frost usually comes the middle of October, but some years it comes much earlier!

Cool weather was NOT the rule across the Plains on this day in 1977. Wichita set a September record high of 108 on that day! That’s hot for them in the summer, but nearly unheard of for the end of September.

Such was the case in 1989, too. Thirteen cities across the northern Plains set record highs in the mid to upper 90s, as a brutal late-September heat wave settled.

On this day in 1970 one of the worst droughts in California history came to a climax this week, when fires broke out across southern California. Many communities are yet to see fires as bad as the 1970 fires. A nineteen-month long drought left timber and brush a ticking time bomb for wildfires. At one point this week, whole communities in San Diego County went up in flames, as firefighters were helpless against the wind-driven wildfires. By the time the fires were over, 50 million dollars in damages had been done and half a million acres of land had been charred.

You know, we complain about the rain around here lately, but we better be thankful for it!


I couldn’t have asked for better weather for the Hillbilly Half Marathon at Leipers Fork yesterday! And the scenery was absolutely beautiful. If you’ve never gone down there and just driven around on those country roads you really need to. As far as scenery goes, this race is tied with the prettiest one I have ever ran. Until yesterday, the Cades Cove Loop run was the prettiest one I had ever been on. Now, these two are tied.

Get on down there some Saturday and just ride around. Jump on over to the Natchez Trace Parkway and you’ll be in for an even nicer treat! Heck, stop in the General Store and you just might see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in there. They frequent the store and I think they even own it now.

And for those of you who don’t know, Leipers Fork is south of Nashville, around the Franklin area.

You all have a blessed Sunday!

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