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Keep that rain gear handy this afternoon


Main Threats

Today: Heavy downpours with any storm that develops


We’ve seen a flash flood warning issued once this morning with some storms between Nashville and Lebanon. That is a reminder to us here on the plateau that any storm that develops today could put down some hefty downpours. Be careful if you’re caught driving in one of those.

The rest of the week is looking like early summer, with very warm afternoon highs that could be cooled off by an isolated shower or storm. This is not a fall-like week around here, for sure.

Below is a current look at our local radar (12:45 p.m.). All activity is moving east toward the plateau.



The tropics are a bit more interesting this morning. A disturbance in the Caribbean will need to be watched. This is a common area for things to get started in this time of year and we’ll have to watch where it goes from here. Leslie continues to just spin away out in the middle of no where.



On this date in 1974, we had our earliest freeze on record in Crossville. We dipped all the way down to 31 degrees. Interestingly, on this day in 1986 we recorded our warmest October temperature on record in Crossville, when we topped out at 86 degrees. Freeze or heat stroke…I guess October 2 can bring just about anything temperature-wise! ha


The Weather Prediction Center release the rainfall data for September and, as you can see, we’re not the only ones who had a wet September! Crossville had the wettest September on record, as did many other locations across the country. Notice that heavy rainfall in the Carolinas. That’s mostly due to Florence and her impacts to the state.


This is a map showing locations that were below normal (brown) and above normal (blue). Notice TN is in the blue but nothing like North Carolina and coastal Texas! Isn’t it odd to see all that below normal precip in Missouri, Georgia and Florida? Feast or famine, I suppose.42957660_1997370796996493_6956260656169353216_n

This map shows locations that received more than 10 inches of rain in September. That’s a lot of rain for September!42982640_1997370783663161_7062721556723531776_n

I could look at maps like this all day…. #weathernerd

More News

Granny had a pretty good night last night and the doctor was impressed with how well her lungs sounded this morning. She also had good color. I stayed with her last night and that’s why the blog was delayed. Dad continues to struggle with dizziness, but hopefully we’ll get some answers sooner than later. He feels fine until he stands up.

You all have a great day and take care!

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