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A summer-like weekend


Main Threats

Wear that sunscreen and take it easy in the heat of the afternoons


More summer-like weather continues, with very warm afternoons and very mild nights. We also have to be mindful of an afternoon/evening storm, though those should be very isolated today. By Sunday, we should see a few more storms across the plateau, so keep an eye out for those. Most of us should stay dry through the weekend and into next week.

I looked ahead to the outlook for the middle of the month and it looks like things may start getting cooler by that point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the second half of this month is much, much cooler than the first half of this month has been.



We’re still watching the system in the Gulf. The chances of it becoming a tropical storm continue to increase. We’re also becoming increasingly concerned that it will strike the northern Gulf Coast. Stay tuned. We still have several days to watch it. This storm will be named Michael.



On this date in 1836 the second of two early-season snowstorms blanketed parts of Pennsylvania and New York with up to two feet of snow. All the mountains of the northeastern U.S. were white with snow.

Switching gears….

On this day in 1984 the temperature at Honolulu, Hawaii reached 94 degrees. This established an all-time record high for that location. If that’s as hot as they ever get then why do they need all those beaches to cool off? ha

You all have a great weekend!

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