Michael strengthens

Hurricane Michael has strengthened to 90 mph and intensification is well underway. The storm should be at least a cat 2 by morning. The path has shifted westward and the entire Florida panhandle will be impacted with high winds, heavy rain, and storm surge.

It is not impossible that we will wake up to Michael being a major hurricane. Back in 1995, Hurricane Opal exploded into a cat 4 from cat 2 in just one night! Opal was only a few miles per hour shy of cat 5 status when Gulf Coast residents woke up the next morning. Let’s hope Michael doesn’t pull a repeat performance. The two storms are quite similar, and I’ll  have more on that in the morning.

I’m getting word tonight that many of the condos along the Gulf are ordering vacationers out by 6:00 a.m. Tuesday. For those who didn’t leave today, traffic jams are liable to be waiting for them, as everyone now tries to leave at the same time.

Michael is expected to make landfall as a major hurricane sometime Wednesday. I’ll have a full update in the morning!


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