Michael is a historic hurricane


Main Threats

No major threats in sight for us.


Hurricane Michael is making history today. More on that in the Tropics section below.

As for us, we will only deal with scattered showers today. We may see some thunderstorms thrown into the mix by this afternoon and overnight, but no severe weather is expected. Those rain showers will persist into the first half of our day Thursday.

Our rain is not from Hurricane Michael. Rather, it’s from a very strong cold front that will finally bring a big taste of fall to our area.

Another round of showers may sneak back in here on Sunday, when another storm system moves in bringing a reinforcing shot of cool, autumn air. At this time, I don’t foresee any frost in the next week or so, but stay tuned.


All eyes are anxiously on the Florida Panhandle today. Hurricane Michael is now packing winds of 145 mph. The Florida Panhandle has never in recorded history seen a cat 4. Michael is only 11 mph below cat 5 status and it’s not impossible he could attain that strength before making landfall this afternoon.

This storm will be catastrophic and some places will take many years to recover. Panama City may never be the same.

Let’s keep all those folks close to our hearts today.

It’s just an awful sight to see something like this so close to our shores. What a storm, folks. Let’s just hope everyone took this seriously and left. I worry about the loss of life more than anything. A lot has happened with this storm over the past 48 hours and hopefully everyone had time to hear about the storm and to take life-preserving measures.




I’ll keep you posted on Michael.


On this date in 1804 a really weird hurricane impacted the Northeast. The storm moved up the coastline and on the backside of the storm enough cold air was pulled in from Canada to turn the rain to snow! More than three feet of snow fell in some places. Locals called it a snow hurricane.

You all have a great day.


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