Update on tonight’s storms

Our high today has reached 60 degrees and our dewpoint has managed to climb to 54. Both of those numbers are not exactly ideal for a widespread severe weather event, so that’s good news! The bad news is that we still have several hours for both of those numbers (esp the dewpoint) to rise more.

I will be monitoring everything all night, as you know. I won’t go to bed until the last storm has passed. Be sure and follow me on Facebook, for sure.

I still think the worst of the severe weather will be just to our southwest. But, I don’t want anyone here to let their guard down because of that idea. We are not out of the woods, by any means, and you need something that can wake you up if a warning is issued….just in case.

The NWS Nashville released a special weather balloon this afternoon and it showed an environment full of wind shear (good for tornadoes) but lacking in instability (bad for tornadoes). If that instability stays limited we will have less severe weather. If that instability increases we will have more severe weather. We just have to keep an eye on things. The next big update from the Storm Prediction Center comes at 7:00 pm.

If things look especially rough tonight I will join Rick Williams, EMA Director for Cumberland County, over at the Emergency Operations Center. I’ll be watching it all tonight!


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