The calm after the storms


Main Threats

Friday & Saturday nights: First hard freeze of the season.


We’re are enjoying a well-deserved beautiful day on the plateau. Be sure and get outside and enjoy it. Folks have a nice weather day to clean up from last night’s storms. This is especially true for folks hit especially hard by last night’s storms to our west and east.

By Wednesday, our next system will be moving in, bringing cloudy skies and a chance for showers. That unsettled pattern continues through Friday, when a strong cold front will bring us a good chance of rain. Thankfully, there are no indications of anything other than rain with this front.

A much colder air mass will settle into the area behind that front, bringing our first hard freeze Friday night and especially Saturday night. Highs Saturday, even with sunshine, will struggle to get out of the 30s!


All is quiet as a mouse.


A lot of records from these first two weeks of November contain tornadoes. Today’s is no different. On this day in 2005 a deadly tornado hit Evansville, Indiana in the very early morning hours of the day. The tornado took aim at the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park, which housed approximately 350 mobile homes. The storm took 19 lives there. The total claimed a total of 23 lives and the total number of injured rose to 230. This was Indiana’s deadliest tornado since the super outbreak of April 3, 1974.

The storm struck when folks were in bed. To make matters worse, weather radios malfunctioned due to a poor signal, leaving many to be hit by this tornado with no warning.

In spite of the failed weather radios, this storm led to legislation called CJ’s Law, which mandates that manufactures of mobile homes install an operating weather radio. It was named after two-year old CJ Martin who lost his life in the mobile home park that night. The county this tornado occurred in also passed laws to require extra straps and bracing to secure mobile homes.

I was at Western Kentucky when this storm hit this area. Some of us were in that area the following spring storm chasing and we drove by where this mobile home park used to be. It was an eerie site, with so many memorials.


Last night’s storms were rough for a lot of Tennesseans. We were so very lucky here on the plateau. We had severe weather to our west and to our east. And who can forget the storm near Murfreesboro that spun itself right up to Cookeville and then weakened. That was a tense moment. There were a lot of tense moments last night but we made it through another close call.

Below are storm reports filed so far. More will continue to come in as more folks report their damage.




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