Special Sunday update on this week’s snow chances (is that plural?)

First of all, Happy Veterans’ Day! A big THANK YOU to all who have served and are currently serving. It was fortunate that there was so much sunshine for yesterday’s veteran’s parades, but it was unfortunate that it was cold enough for a Christmas parade!


I also wanted to give a quick update on the snow situation for this week. I’ll have a full update Monday morning, of course.

First of all, our first round of precipitation for the week will arrive on Monday. That should be all rain. By Monday night, colder air begins to filter back into the region and the rain should transition to a rain/snow mix, ending as some flurries or snow showers on Tuesday. The chances of accumulation are about 5%. The precip just seems to move out before substantial cold air moves in.

Never the less, it’s still something to keep an eye on.

But now, there’s a situation for Wednesday and Wednesday night. Yet another disturbance will move in and we will have cold air already in place. Any moisture that falls would be in the form of light snow. This has the potential to be a light accumulating snowfall. Stay tuned, as things could change (as you know) but right now I’m feeling better about things getting white Wednesday night than I am about things getting white Tuesday.

The bottom line is that things are looking good for us to see snow flakes this week! We just have to monitor the chances of it accumulating.

Keep your fingers crossed, snow birds!

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