A tricky forecast for us snowbirds

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Main Threats

Wed. night-Thurs night: wintry precip?


We will see a very chilly, rainy day on the plateau. Any outdoor plans should be cancelled. Tonight, we’ll see colder air work into the region. Any leftover moisture could change to a few snowflakes for our Tuesday morning. With temps staying near/above freezing, we shouldn’t see any accumulation.

Thankfully, it now looks like clouds will hang around most of the night Tuesday night. That will keep our temps from dropping into the mid teens and keep us more in the mid 20s. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few snow flurries flying around during the night.

By Wednesday, we’ll see some sun (hopefully) the first half of the day, followed by a return of moisture Wednesday night. With temps hovering around freezing, we may see some light accumulation of wintry precip. That rain/wintry mix continues into Thursday. As temps warm, any wintry precip we see Thursday morning should turn to rain. As the system moves out Thursday night and colder air moves in, we could once again see some snowflakes.

Friday looks partly cloudy and cool.


Models have trended drier and drier with leftover moisture behind the cold front. The colder air is looking sluggish to move in and by the time it does, most of the moisture will be gone. Therefore, we probably won’t see anything more than a few snow flakes tomorrow, if that.

The system for Wednesday night looks much more interesting. Right now, it looks like moisture will be a bit limited and our air temp will be hanging out somewhere around the freezing mark. If that moisture can meet up with sub-freezing temps, we may see some accumulation. This is a tricky system and one worth watching. Stay tuned.


On this in 1989 we weren’t dealing with cold and rainy conditions at all! In fact, 33 cities in the Southeast set record highs. Knoxville hit 77 and Chattanooga hit 81 degrees. Kinda makes ya miss the summer-like days, right? That heat wave also brought record warmth to Nebraska, when Scottsbluff hit 80 degrees. Even Rapid City, South Dakota hit 76 degrees. That’s incredible!

For perspective, both Scottsbluff and Rapid City are currently 11 degrees (8:30 a.m.) and they are expecting high temps today of 33 and 27 degrees, respectively.

Totally, switching gears….

On this day in 1987 a heavy, unexpected snowfall spread across New England. Parts of Massachusetts were buried under 14 inches of surprise snow! Logan Airport in Boston recorded seven inches, which was the most snow they had ever received so early in the season. Roads became clogged with traffic and made impassable, especially when snowplows took to the roads in a failed effort to make things better. That’s a heck of a surprise snow!




Continue to keep the folks in California close to your hearts today. The wildfires will be raging again today. One of the fires is the worst in California history. It seems every year they are having the “worst fire in state history.” A lot of folks have lost everything and at least 31 people have lost their lives. About 200 people are missing but most of them are probably taking shelter in a location their family/friends don’t know about yet.

I saw this pic on Twitter this morning and it just gave me chills. Notice the Christmas decorations.


Also, be sure and keep the folks in Florida in mind over the holidays, too. The news cycle has moved on and those folks will soon be forgotten (or had you already forgotten?). However, many folks are living in tents, campers, etc in third world conditions in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

These photos were taken Friday, November 9th.


County your blessings, folks, but don’t forget those who are hurting today.

I’ll end on a positive note…This was taken in Cades Cove this weekend by a gentleman identifying himself as @Beasonslammer on Twitter. Now that’s a cool pic!


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