A temperature roller coaster


Main Threats

No major threats for the next five days


After this morning’s rain moves out, we should be able to enjoy a halfway decent Saturday. The second half of today is looking better than the first half, for sure. Let’s just hope clouds don’t get hung up on the plateau, hindering sunshine. Temps will remain mild, as this system does not have much cold air behind it.

For Sunday, we’ll see a nice day for most of the day, with warm afternoon highs climbing to near 60 degrees. If we get more sunshine, we could see highs approach the 65-degree mark.

Then, the bottom drops out on the temperatures.

Unlike today’s system, Sunday night’s system is followed by some really cold air. If there’s enough moisture left over Monday morning we could see some flurries on the plateau. Nothing major, just a flurry or three.

The rest of the week looks chilly, with our next big storm system arriving the end of the week.


On this day in 1950, Nashville recorded it’s greatest one day snowfall for the month of November! The city was blanketed with 7.1 inches of snow. Wow…I want 1950 back! ha

Completely shifting gears….

It had been 25 years since Hawaii had been hit by a hurricane before Hurricane Iwa lashed the island on this day in 1982. The islands of Niihau, Kauai, and Oahu were hardest hit. The hurricane came with wind gusts to 120 mph. Damaged topped 200 million dollars.

Today is the anniversary of the Battle Above the Clouds on Lookout Mountain. The 1863 battle field was shrouded in clouds ahead of an approaching frontal system. The clouds hindered the Confederates the most, likely leading to the Union victory.

This time last year

This time last year we enjoyed an afternoon high of 61 degrees, after a  chilly morning low of 28 degrees. No precipitation was recorded. The maximum wind gust was 10 mph. Not a bad day at all!


Wish me luck, as I’m running the Hungry Turkey half marathon in Chattanooga this morning. I set this to go out at 8:00 a.m. and I will be only 15 mins into my run when you get this. That means I’m only two miles(ish) into a 13.1 mile run. I wonder what I’m thinking right now?….. lol Just please, let it not be cold and raining. I can handle cold. I can handle rain. I cannot handle the two combining. Please, Lord, don’t let that be the case…..

At the end of the race they give us a huge cinnamon role. I bet I’m thinking about that right now. I bet I’m thinking about that a LOT! lol

You all have a great day!

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