People, Pets, and Pipes

We are on the cusp of clearing skies, folks. That means that as soon as these clouds move out, our temps are going to fall. Clouds act like a blanket, holding in what little daytime heat we acquired. The air is getting drier and our dewpoint is slowly falling. That dewpoint is already 16 degrees, so we know we’re going down to at least the upper teens tonight. I looked to our north and dewpoints up there are in the 10-12 degree range. That air is filtering this way and I expect our dewpoint will fall to those numbers by sunrise. Therefore, we can expect an overnight low of around 15-17 degrees.

The dewpoint measures moisture in the air and the drier the air is the lower the dewpoint. Keep in mind, the air temp can never go below the dewpoint. If the air temp equals the dewpoint your relative humidity is 100%. Therefore, the farther apart the air temp is from the dewpoint the drier the air is; the closer they are the more saturated the air is.

Our high today never made it to 25 here at weatherTAP. We have been on 24 all day and we have just dropped a hair to 23.7. It’s all downhill from here (ha). Our high of 27 occurred at midnight and it’s been slowly getting colder ever since. Our normal high this time of year is 53 degrees.

Take care of people, pets, and pipes tonight. 

Below is the current satellite. The clearing is right on our doorstep but it is moving so, so slow. It has taken all day for the clearing line to get from West TN to eastern Middle TN. All day!


Also, you all will be happy to know that Meteorologist Mark has decorated his cubicle for Christmas. Yes, it took a lot of work. Yes, it took a lot planning and patience. Yes, it was worth it! Check it out! I love how the white building out my window looks like snow. If I had that much snow up to my window we would have about 30 feet of snow. Sigh…I guess one can dream, right? 😮


You all have a great evening and stay warm!

In tomorrow morning’s blog I’ll be talking about a big warming trend that take us right back up to 60 degrees by the weekend!

Don’t forget, check on  people, pets, and pipes tonight. 

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