A few sleet pellets/snow flakes for our Thursday morning?

You may have noticed a few precip echoes on radar this evening. These are showing up as mixed precip or even some snow flakes. This is not a concern tonight. Our atmosphere is very dry and any light precip that falls will evaporate. This is just the atmosphere already beginning to moisten back up ahead of our next storm system.

The atmosphere may moist up enough by noon tomorrow to allow some precip to make it to the ground. If temps are still cold enough, we could see some sleet pellets and snow flakes. I don’t think we’ll see any problems, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Temps will warm above freezing again tomorrow and the daytime high should be about 10 degrees warmer than today’s.

At this time, the closest weather statements about a wintry mix in the morning are about 100 miles to our north. If those statements slip farther south I’ll let you know.

Just be aware that you may see some of this light wintry stuff the first half of the day tomorrow. Like I’ve said, our air is really dry. A lot of times it will sleet when the rain first starts in this type of air mass due to evaporational cooling. Evaporation is a cooling process, and when the precip falls into this drier air it will do a lot of evaporating. Eventually, enough of the atmosphere will moisten up to allow precip to reach the ground. Because so much cooling from evaporation will have been taking place aloft, that will put a lot of cold air really close to the surface. That can lead to ice pellets making it to the ground. I’ve seen it sleet when air here at the surface was in the mid to upper 40s. We obviously don’t get any accumulation from that scenario but you would see ice pellets falling.

Eventually, the atmosphere warms enough to support all rain.

You all have a nice evening and I’ll have a full blog update ready for you in the morning!

Those of you who are TAP employees…don’t forget I’m hosting a RadarLab training session at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon in the third floor conference room. See you there!



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