A light wintry mix? Then, a big warming trend!


Main Threats

Thursday morning: There is a very slight chance of a light wintry mix.

Saturday: the possibility of strong storms (main threat to our south and west).


Today will be another cold day but it will be an improvement from yesterday! Our high yesterday never got above 25. Last night’s low here at weatherTAP was 14 (12 at my house). At least we’ll get out of the 20s for highs today. And then there’s the sun, though it will be accompanied by clouds from time to time. We’re in between two systems and it’s a tug of war between outgoing clouds from yesterday’s system, and incoming clouds from tomorrow’s system.

Tomorrow’s system is a headache. If the moisture gets here early enough in the day, we could be looking at a light wintry mix. I’ll keep an eye on this today and let you know how things are looking. It would be a very light wintry mix but we all know it only takes a few sprinkles/drizzle/flurries sticking to the road to cause big problems around here. The chance of this mix happening is slim, but it’s not so low that I’m comfortable not mentioning it.

Then, our attention will turn to a strong system that will come barreling out of the Southern Plains. This one will really pack a punch for our neighbors to the south and west of us. The Storm Prediction Center has already outlined a slight risk area for Friday. Hopefully, those storms will calm down before reaching us on Saturday. Right now, the severe threat for us looks really low, but it’s certainly not zero.

Below is the severe weather threat (yellow) for Friday. All activity will be moving east.


By Sunday, our system will be moving out and we should be on track for a nice second half to our weekend.


Like I said above, the concern for wintry weather is really low in the morning but it’s not zero. Just stay tuned and I’ll let you know if that threat goes away or if it increases. Our air is really dry right now and it is going to take a while for our atmosphere to moisten up. More than likely, even if we do get precip to move in for our Thursday morning, the air will be so dry that the precip will evaporate before hitting the ground. Still, it only takes a little bit of wintry precip to wreck havoc around here.

The system for Saturday continues to look impressive, as far as the dynamics go. There will be enough wind shear for severe storms but I wonder how unstable we will become. I expect the greatest threat of severe weather to stay south of Tennessee, but we are certainly not completely out of the woods. I’ll keep an eye on it.


This was a hot day in 1931! The city of Clarksville, located about 50 miles northwest of Nashville, broke an all-time record high for November when they topped out at 88 degrees that afternoon!

Totally switching gears…

Ten years before this heat wave in the South, there was an ice storm in New England. Ice accumulated to three inches in thickness! This was the worst ice storm on record for this region. Some locations reported more than three inches of ice. Our big ice storm on the plateau a few years ago was about 1.5-1.75″ of ice. Imagine doubling that!

To make matters worse, the New England storm, like ours, was accompanied by strong and gusty winds. Streets became impassable even on foot. All communication was lost to New England at the height of the storm.

Even today, communication would be almost non-existent in such a storm.



Sunrise today: 6:31

Sunset today: 4:28

Day Length: 9 hours 57 minutes

This Time Last Year

A year ago today we were dry and 59 degrees. We had a maximum wind gust of 15 mph. The morning low was a frosty 31 degrees. That’s a far cry from this morning’s low temperature!


The Smokies had quite the beautiful sight yesterday! A wintry mix of freezing drizzle and snow flurries combined to form quite the wintry landscape! Photos are by Missy Anne.


You all have a great day!

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