We’re above freezing!

Our high today has reached 33 degrees (so far)! We should top out at about 35 or 36 for our official high of the day. The wind chill is also 33 degrees, which means winds are calm. Clouds will continue to drift in and out this afternoon, but winds will stay calm to light.  The dewpoint is still 20 degrees, so that means the air is quite dry and dry air cools off fast. As soon as the sun sets this evening, we will easily fall back into the 20s. I expect an overnight low of about 25 degrees. Clouds should keep us from getting any colder than that. It also looks like this cold high pressure will be shifting east and turning our winds more southerly.

Light rain should move in tomorrow. It still looks like we have a slight chance for some light sleet/snow/freezing rain mix when the precip begins in the morning. That chance is really slim but I have to mention it, since it only takes a dab of that stuff to make a travel headache. I’ll update you all on that later this evening in a special update. Hopefully, that system will slow down and come in during the afternoon, when temps will be several degrees above freezing. Even if it comes in the morning, the air is so dry most of the precip may evaporate before hitting the ground.

I made a boo-boo this morning. Yes, Meteorologist Mark makes those ever once in a while.

The blog accidentally posted this morning before I was finished with it (it’s a long story. ha). I hope you didn’t find too many typos. I was just about to proofread it when, BOOM, it published. Yes, it was user error. I can’t blame WordPress for this one. ha (this time)

I had meant to tell you that our low this morning here at weatherTAP was 14 degrees this morning. I had 12 on my home thermometer out in Rinnie. It was cold, that’s for sure. We were exactly 20 degrees below normal. Brrrrr


I had also meant to share with you some pictures from the Smokies that were taken yesterday. A combination of freezing drizzle and snow flurries led to an absolutely beautiful winter wonderland. If this doesn’t put ya in the Christmas spirit I don’t know what on earth will.


You all have a great afternoon. I’ll update you tonight on tomorrow morning’s winter weather potential. Again, I don’t expect much (if anything) but I’ll be keeping an eye on things!


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