Winter returns and it’s bringing some snow chances



Main Threats

Tonight/Tuesday morning morning: Snow showers with light accumulation (less than 1/2 inch)

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning: light snow with light accumulation possible (less than one inch)

Friday:  A possibly wintry mix of precip that could cause travel problems (watching closely)


Look for partly cloudy skies to rule our day today. Clouds should thicken up from time to time. Temps will slowly cool as we go through the day. The colder air associated with the front that passed through Saturday night is taking its time getting here! But, it is arriving today. You’ll really feel it tomorrow!

In fact, we should even see some snow flurries flying around late tonight and tomorrow. Some light accumulation is possible but I wouldn’t look for more than a dusting. Those snow flurries may pick up in intensity Tuesday evening/night and that could whiten our ground pretty good. Still, I don’t expect much more than a solid dusting to 1/2 inch.

Wednesday and Thursday look to be very chilly days. Some more flurries may come in here Thursday night but there’s too much uncertainty with that chance.

Speaking of uncertainty….

A big storm system arrives Friday evening and we’ll have to monitor that very closely. It is possible that we could get some significant wintry precipitation, but it’s just too early to know anything just yet. Stay tuned. If you have weekend plans just keep in mind that the weather may change those plans.


I’m watching the Friday system very closely. Some models have it starting out as a wintry mix Friday night, transitioning to a cold rain, then ending as light snow Saturday night. Another reliable model has it being all snow, which would give us a nice accumulation. It’s several days away and things change often and quickly this time of year. Just keep this in mind if you have weekend plans.


On this day in 1982, the city of Nashville recorded a record high for the day. They topped out at 79 degrees that afternoon. That’s quite the heat wave for December!

I start noticing a lot of rainfall records this time of year. There’s still enough warm air to support heavy rainfall this time of year, and there’s plenty of cold fronts coming down to wring that moisture out of the warm air. This particular rainfall occurred in the Southwest U.S. It was on this day in 1926 that the city of Yuma, Arizona recorded 1.10 inches of rain.

Now, for us on the plateau that’s no big deal at all. Heck, we record that in an hour with some summertime t-storms. But, for the folks of Yuma, who only record 3.38 inches of rain A YEAR, this was a very big deal. By the 10th of December, they had recorded 4.43 inches of rain. Again, they only see about three inches for the entire year. Here in Crossville we see about 50 inches a year. December of 1926 would become Yuma’s wettest December on record.

A year ago today

A year ago today we recorded a high of 62 degrees. The day started with a morning low of 33 degrees. There was no precipitation recorded and the highest wind gust was 10 mph.



Sunrise: 6:35

Sunset: 4:27

Daylight length: 9 hr 51 min

Daylight length yesterday: 9 hr 52 min

Daylight length tomorrow: 9 hr 50 min


The NWS Nashville reports that November of 2018 was the 7th coldest November on record for Crossville. You didn’t just THINK it was cold, you KNEW it was cold! ha


I’ll leave you with some sunrise pics I took this morning. I had to pull off to the side of the road once to get some. I know the camera doesn’t do it justice but it was absolutely beautiful!


You all have a great day!

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