A week of wintry mischief


Main Threats

Tonight: Light snow could cause some slick spots across the plateau.

Thursday night: Chance of light snow that may cause some slick spots.

Friday night/Saturday: Wintry precip that may impact travel (monitoring closely so stay tuned!)


In the near-term, we will keep a watch our for some snow flurries and light snow showers. The greater chance for some light snow will come this evening and overnight. This could amount to a dusting or so by Wednesday morning. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some spots pick up as much as 1/4-1/2 inch of snow. With overnight lows well below freezing, some roads could get slick if enough snow falls.

Wednesday and Thursday are looking alright, though they will be cold days. Another cold front moves in Thursday night/Friday morning and that could set off another round of snow flurries or snow showers. I don’t expect much accumulation out of this but another dusting to 1/2 inch may be possible (I’ll watch it close).

By Friday, clouds will begin to thicken as our next big storm system moves in. With Thursday night’s cold front ushering in more cold air, temperatures will struggle to warm above freezing before precipitation moves in. Therefore, we could be looking at a wintry mix of precip Friday night. This mix of precip could continue through the weekend. This could be a mostly cold rain event, with the beginning and ending being a wintry mix. This could also be an all-winter weather event, with all precip types possible. Stay tuned! If you have plans this weekend be prepared to alter them.


Crossville set a record high for December on this day in 1982. Our afternoon high of 72 degrees was 21 degrees above the normal high of 51 degrees.

This day was anything but warm at Livingston, Montana in 1972. Well, you might say it started out warm, with a high that day of 52 degrees. But, that became a distant memory in only 20 mins, when a cold front sent them plunging from that comfortable 52 degrees to a bitter cold 18 degrees. You read that right, in only 20 minutes the temperature plunged 34 degrees! Oh yeah, did I mention the 70 mph wind gusts that came with that temperature drop? I forget minor details sometimes (LOL).

Well, with all of our talk of a possible winter weather event this coming weekend I found this record particularly interesting. On this day in 2002, a major winter storm brought widespread winter weather woes to the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Much of the Ohio Valley and southern Appalachians were covered with 4-8 inches of snow. The precip turned to freezing rain in the Carolinas and, according to Duke Power, was the worst ice storm in the company’s history. Power was knocked out to 1.2 million Carolina residents, which is about half of Duke Power’s customer base. That means this winter storm did something Carolinians thought was impossible; it caused more outages than cat 4 Hurricane Hugo did in 1989.

When I say I want snow, I mean snow. No ice, please. (ha)




Sunrise: 6:35

Sunset: 4:26

Day length: 9 hr 50 mins

Day length yesterday: 9 hrs 51 mins

Day length tomorrow: 9 hr 49 mins

One year ago today

On this day last year we were 61 degrees on the plateau and the day was dry as a bone. We started the day off with a low temperature of 44 degrees. It was a breezy day, with a maximum gust of 20 mph recorded at the airport.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to head over to Jefferson County (~1/2 hour east of Knoxville) with weatherTAP Tech Shane Hennessee to update a weatherTAP WDS system at a rest area there. Did you know that every rest area and welcome center has a weatherTAP weather display system? We have 35 welcome centers and rest areas in Tennessee and all of them have  weatherTAP on their monitors for travelers take advantage of.

We don’t just have weatherTAP weather display systems in Tennessee! They’re popping up everywhere from Texas to Maine!


Travelers through the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles could use some travel advice a the end of this week, and the NWS Amarillo had this graphic to share with them. Our winter weather troubles are beginning out there on Thursday as a major winter storm. The NWS Amarillo is bracing for a busy end of the week, with several inches of snow coming their way. They offered some safe driving tips for their folks but it’s advise we could all use! Even if the snow misses us this weekend, it’s never a bad idea to prepare for the next one.


For those of us REALLY wanting snow, here is a pic I saw on Twitter yesterday of some incredible snowfall that has recently occurred in Iceland. Can you imagine this much snow?! Wow….who knew Heaven was Iceland? LOL (from @StormchaserUKEU).


You all have a great day and stay warm!

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