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Lunch update

We have some flurries flying around out there! The temp is currently 34 degrees, so we’re hanging out just above the freezing mark. The wind chill factor is 33 degrees. When the air temp and “feels like” temp are that close together that means there’s little to no wind. That’s good news!

This is the current radar (11:15 a.m.), showing showers and snow showers really starting to develop to our northwest. All that activity is sliding our way. As temps fall to below freezing later this evening, we could see some slick spots across the plateau.


This disturbance this evening should kick off some pretty good episodes of snow showers. I think by the time we all wake up in the morning things are going to be white from a healthy dusting of snow for many of us. Some folks may get up to 1/2 an inch of snow or so. At this time, I’m not expecting anyone to surpass the one inch mark but I’ll keep an eye on it. If anyone even approaches that amount it will be places like Monterey and Jamestown (the often favored areas for heavier snow).

I got this pic from Facebook Follower Nikki Voiles this morning. She said this was the scene in parts of Jamestown earlier today. I think a lot of us can expect to see similar scenes in our backyards by Wednesday morning!


Looking ahead to that tricky weekend forecast….right now (and this changes every few hours) I think Friday night could be very tricky for travel. A wintry mix will likely impact us during the night. On Saturday we may warm up enough for cold rain, before another episode of a wintry mix makes things very tricky Saturday night. Stay tuned. The bottom line is that things are not looking good for Christmas parades on Saturday….


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