Conference call with NWS provides more clarity for this lunch update

The NWS conference call was very helpful. It just wrapped up. These are my thoughts.

Today: Cloudy and cold with no issues.

Tonight: Mostly alright, though we will see light precip move in from the southwest toward morning. This will likely be in the form of light snow and sleet. A light accumulation is possible (<1″) by mid-morning Saturday, though most of us will barely see anything. You folks north of Cumberland County may stay dry through noon.

Saturday: After a morning mix, we should see mostly cloudy skies and scattered areas of light rain through the afternoon and evening. Nothing heavy, just areas of cold, light rain.

Saturday night: That cold rain changes back to a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Travel will likely be impacted.

Sunday: After a morning wintry mix, we may warm up enough for cold, light rain during the afternoon and evening.

Sunday night: We go back to all snow and that snow continues through Monday. Accumulation of 1-3″ is possible.

The really good news is that this does NOT look like an ice storm threat. There simply will not be enough precipitation. There will, however, be enough to cause dangerous driving conditions from time to time this weekend and into early next week. Yesterday, I advised you folks north of Jamestown and Livingston to be ready for an ice storm. Things look a lot better for you all today and I don’t think you’ll get an ice storm.

This does NOT look like a big snowstorm either. We will get some light snow Sunday night and Monday and that will accumulate, but amounts should stay in the 1-3 inch range. That’s more than enough for travel problems, though!

Stay tuned. These are our thoughts for now. Things could change again.

This time yesterday I would have said we had about a 40% chance for an ice storm. Today, that chance is now at about 5%. That’s a good trend!

Again, stay tuned. I’ll let you know if anything drastic changes. The NWS says they will likely issue winter weather advisories for the plateau for Saturday morning, then again Saturday night/Sunday morning, and then again for Sunday night/Monday.

And, as always, there could be localized/isolated locations that pick up more ice and snow than others. While there are always those cases, this will NOT be a widespread threat. Still, it only takes a dab of snow or ice to really impact travel.

I’ll keep you all posted!

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