As we near midnight

I just posted this on FB but I’ll share it here, as well.

As we approach midnight, our temps continue to hang out in the low to mid 30s across the plateau, with a variety of precip types. The good news is that temps aren’t quiet cold enough for slick roads….yet.

My home thermometer here in Rinnie has drifted from 32 to 33 deg for the past 4 hours. There’s a glaze of ice on elevated surfaces, but it has been this way for a few hours now. The WxTAP station downtown reports 35 degrees now. The one on Tech’s campus is 34 and has been steady since sunset.

Temps will continue to slowly fall overnight.

The radar shows plenty more moisture to come overnight, and at some point that will change to snow. Accumulation of snowfall is still likely (1-3 inches), along with a glaze of ice. These types of wet snows are the prettiest snows, esp if they have a glaze of ice underneath them. It could easily look like a winter wonderland Sunday morning.

I currently have 0.61″ of rain in my gauge, which would have been about 5 or 6 inches of snow.

You all be safe if you’re out and about in the morning. And watch for any ice on those porch steps!

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