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Evening update: Forecast is on track

Everything looks on track, folks, with what has been a very challenging forecast. So far, we’ve not had any big surprises and let’s hope it stays that way. The folks at the greatest risk for significant snowfall totals are you all around the Jamestown to Oneida to Byrdstown areas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see snowfall totals of 3-7 inches across these areas. Scott County (Oneida) is under a winter storm warning for significant snow accumulation.

The rest of us are in for a mixed bag of precip. We’ll get some ice, and we’ll get some snow. Thankfully, we won’t get enough rain for an ice storm and we won’t get enough snow to damage trees, etc. This we can be thankful for! We will, however, get enough wintry precip to cause travel issues. Please be very careful if you’re out traveling tonight, esp after 9:00 pm. Please use care if you must travel in the morning, as well. Things should improve by noon Sunday.

I think most of us are in store for 1-2 inches of snow tonight, with some of us getting 2-3 inches. A glaze of ice will make things very slippery. Don’t get out and fall. Be careful.

By Sunday night, we should see another round of light snow, depending on the exact track of that disturbance. We could pick up another 1-2 inches from that, but I’ll update that tomorrow.

You all be safe and I’ll update, as needed, throughout the evening.