Watching tonight

After a cold, raw Sunday, we have a disturbance that will be swinging through after midnight. There’s a lot of moisture still hanging around and it won’t take much to get some light snow generated. It just depends on how much of this moisture this system can convert to snowflakes.

The NWS Nashville is considering the issuance of a winter wx advisory for the plateau for late tonight/Monday morning. A special weather statement was issued a couple of hours ago, warning of up to an inch of snow accumulation.

If this system can pull some of the moisture back this direction from Virginia we could certainly see 1/2-1 inch of snow. The radar trends are showing indications that this may be happening. I’ll keep an eye on it and update you again later on this evening.

There are currently numerous reports of drizzle across the plateau and temps are falling back down to around freezing. Be careful if you’re out and about tonight and esp Monday morning.

I’ll update you again later this evening.

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