A warming trend leads to more rain


Main Threats

Another strong storm system will move in for the end of the week, but no severe weather, flooding, or wintry weather is expected at this time for the next 5 days.


We’ll see a beautiful day today, with tons of sunshine. That high of 45 degrees might be a bit chilly, but with calm winds and sunshine it should be a pretty darn good weather day. That nice weather continues tomorrow and on into most of Thursday.

Our system coming in the end of the week has slowed down and I think we’ll get in a pretty nice day Thursday. Rain should start moving in late Thursday night and that rain will be with us right on into Saturday.

This system will be a quiet one, just bringing rain and perhaps a rumble of thunder.


I was looking at extended model data this morning and everything looks quiet through at least December 21st. There doesn’t seem to be anything to our west on the 21st, which suggest a nice Christmas weekend (Dec. 22-23). I’ll keep an eye on that, but so far that I’m not seeing any big storms for the weekend before Christmas.

The extended outlook shows above normal temperatures and above normal precipitation through Christmas Eve for much of the country. (Makes one wonder if this whole pattern will flip come January? I can’t help but notice that bitter cold air in Alaska.)



Yesterday’s bitter cold records for Tennessee were from 1917. Today’s cold records are from 1962. This was another rough one, folks! We started this day in 1962 with a morning low of two degrees below zero. Nashville dropped to three degrees, with nearly three inches of snow on the ground. You think that’s cold? By the 13th, the Crossville Experiment Station would set an all-time record low for Crossville for the month of December. Stay tuned to find out what that was!

Thirty years earlier, a devastating, record cold outbreak hit parts of California. This cold outbreak of 1932 led to San Francisco recording nearly an inch of snow, as temperatures dropped to 20 degrees! Sacramento recorded their all-time record December low temperature when they bottomed out at 17 degrees. This very unusual cold wave absolutely devastated crops and orange groves in the Sacramento Valley. Today, these same areas are expecting highs around 60, after morning lows in the mid 40s. That’s pretty much their forecast every day for the next month or two (ha).

Am I freezing you to death with this all this cold talk? (ha) Well, I have some warm records too!

On this day in 2007, Nashville broke a record high for this date that had stood for 134 years! That afternoon, the official high in Music City hit 76 degrees. Here in Crossville, we broke the record high for that day by nine degrees, when we topped out at 72 degrees. Do any of you wish we had a time machine and could go back 11 years and enjoy that warm weather again? šŸ™‚



Sunrise: 6:41

Sunset: 4:26

Day Length: 9 hrs 45 mins

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 9 hrs 45 mins

This Time Last Year

This time last year we had a pretty nice day for this time of year. The afternoon high reached 55 degrees, after a chilly morning start of 25 degrees. It was a dry day, with no precipitation recorded. The strongest wind gust was only 18 mph.


North Carolina climatologists are investigating this past weekend’s snowstorm that they had. They are confident that this is the most severe winter storm that state has ever seen so early in the season. Mt Mitchell seems to be the biggest snowfall winner, reporting three feet of snow. Notice how steep the gradient is between folks who got nothing, versus folks who are still shoveling snow today.


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