Off and on shower chances for our holiday


Main Threats

No major threats in sight


I had a few skimpy spots of snow this morning but it is already melting away.

We’ll see a pretty nice today. It’ll be chilly, for sure, but we’re done with the precip for now. On Sunday, we’ll see another chance for showers but it certainly won’t be a washout of a day. I probably should have made those shower chances 30-40%. Just keep in mind that the weather won’t be as nice tomorrow as it will be today.

On Monday, we’ll be partly cloudy and dry again, before another weak system passes through on Christmas. That system may bring nothing more than some clouds and sprinkles.

We’re right back to partly cloudy for Wednesday, before another, much more substantial storm system moves in for the end of the week. We may even be talking about some strong t-storms in TN with that system. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Goodness gracious! I was COLD on this day in 1989! The low temperature in Crossville bottomed out at eight degrees below zero! Nashville hit ten below zero.  I’m tellin’ ya, this was one heck of a cold snap, folks.

In fact, 137 cities across the central and eastern U.S. broke record lows on this day in ’89. A whopping 35 cities set all-time record lows for the month of December that still stand today. Numerous locations across Missouri shattered their record low December temperatures when readings of 20-30 degrees below zero were quite common. All across Wyoming and the Dakotas, folks reported their home thermometers (unofficial readings) having readings of 50-60 below zero. Official readings at Broadus and Hardin, Montana of 47 below zero became the nation’s official coldest temperature readings for this day, though it is likely many of those 50-60 degrees below zero readings on home thermometers in Wyoming were likely accurate.

Interestingly, down sloping winds off the Rockies developed later this day across Montana. These winds are notorious for causing significant warming in a short period of time. I’ve talked about these before and you may remember me talking about these “Chinook” winds? These winds developed during the afternoon and caused the temperature at Cutbank, Montana to rise from a temperature of 37 degrees below zero to 40 degrees ABOVE zero! That’s a 74-degree temperature rise!

Folks, that’s what you call a wild weather roller coaster of a day! ha



Sunrise: 6:47

Sunset: 4:30

Day Length: 9 hrs 43 mins 09 secs

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 9 hrs 43 mins 16 secs

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today we had a high of 55 degrees, after a morning low of 50. With a daytime high and a morning low so close to each other, you know it was probably raining. We did, in fact, measure 0.89 inches of rain at the Crossville airport. That rain moved in during the afternoon and persisted into the evening and overnight.

Christmas Forecast

We’ve not seen the Christmas forecast change too much over the past few days. The disturbance that will pass through looks very weak, so there won’t be much to worry about there.  A much more powerful storm system will move in just a couple days after Christmas that you folks who will be traveling will need to keep an eye on. It doesn’t look like a snow system for us, but it could bring heavy rain and thunderstorms. The system could bring blizzard conditions to the Plains.

You all have a great weekend and a merry Christmas! The blog will continue right on through the holidays! OH! And happy first full day of winter!


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