Just a heads up

Some of you may take off for the weekend and disconnect from social media, blogs, etc. For this reason, I’m posting this to let you know that models today have indicated that we may be dealing with severe weather on Monday. This next system is looking more potent with each new model run and its track is one that favors severe weather for Tennessee. This is late December and clouds, rain, etc could hamper the storm chances, but if things come together just right we could be seeing some strong to severe storms. It’s a lot like the situation we had yesterday, with that band of heavy rain that came through. On Monday, the upper-level dynamics may match up better for us to get storms with such a line. There’s a lot of wind energy with this system and it won’t take much to get some potent t-storms.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

Models are also showing better chances for light snow Wednesday night into Thursday. We’re still several days away from that but models have been consistent (so far) in showing more light precip moving in while our temps are below freezing. I’ll be watching that too!

Next week looks like an interesting one and you’ll want to stay tuned! I’ll have a full blog update in the morning!

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