Winds of change


Main Threats

Friday night: There is the possibility for a wintry mix Friday night. Stay tuned.


Today will be our last really mild day for a while. Nashville may break a high that has stood since 1880! The winds will be kicking up, though, so it won’t feel as warm as it will be. Those winds are blowing in some big changes for us that will send us back into a winter-like pattern. The good news is that this change comes with very little precipitation. Rain amounts tonight will be quite light and I think most everyone will stay under a quarter of an inch of rain.

The rain showers/drizzle may linger into early Tuesday before skies clear out later in the day. It will be another breezy day. The colder air arrives Wednesday and that air mass may stick with us a while.

The cold air will be here when moisture arrives Friday night. That could lead to a wintry mix or even some light snow. I’ll have more on that later on and as we get more data.


On this day in 1988 we were shoveling snow across the plateau! Crossville had half a foot and that was generally the standard report across the plateau. Most of Middle TN had snowfall and those amounts were higher to our west. Nashville recorded 10 inches!

This same winter storm ended up exploding off the Southeast coast and dropped up to two feet of snow in parts of South Carolina! One chicken farm in Alabama was hit hard by the cold and wintry weather, resulting in the death of two million chickens! Am I the only one wondering how many chicken McNuggets that is? (sorry, chickens)



Record high: 65 (1998)

Record low: -2 (2014)

Sunrise: 6:51

Sunset: 4:42

Day Length: 9 hrs 51 mins 32 secs

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 9 hrs 52 mins 29 secs

One Year Ago Today

A year ago today we made it to 35 degrees for a high, after a bitter cold morning low of 10. Skies were cloudy all day but no precip was recorded. The winds were calm until later evening, when they began to pick up.


What a beautiful sunrise this morning. You all pray for our family today and especially for my Granny Jane (Baldwin). She fell and broke her leg Sunday evening and she’s having surgery on it today at Cookeville. They said she broke the leg clean into. She broke it on the knee she had replaced a few years ago. All of that will have to be redone. She’s 85 and this has been the most painful thing she has ever experienced. Just keep us close to your hearts today. Thankfully, the break didn’t sever a nearby artery, as it could have easily done. That would have, at the very least, cost her that leg. We can be thankful this isn’t worse but it’s still a very concerning situation.



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