Update on Friday night wintry weather

Models and guidance today suggest that the best chance of accumulating snowfall will be across Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana this weekend. Winter storm watches are being issue for some folks in those areas for Friday afternoon and Saturday. Anywhere from 3-7 inches of snow could fall up there. Those counties are shaded in blue in the map below. Notice they are well to our north. Winter weather advisories are being considered for most of Kentucky.


As for us, it looks like our best chance for accumulating snowfall would be in the late night hours Friday and early morning hours Saturday. One model indicates up to one half inch of snow/sleet for us before it changes to light rain. It is possible that just enough warm air will work its way in here to keep our accumulation at zero.

I will keep an eye on this and update you all again in Friday morning’s blog. This has never looked like a major winter storm for us and it continues to look that way. As with many of our winter weather situations, the greatest impact would be to travel.

Sunday night and Monday morning look like another close call for some light snow accumulation, but the details with that are too tricky to make any good call at this time. Right now, it looks like a rain/snow mix at 33 degrees.

Why must we always be right on the line?…….ha

You all have a great evening and stay warm! Our current air temp is 32 degrees. A light north wind makes that feel like 27 degrees. That temp will fall fast when the sun sets!

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