Lunch time update on winter wx and some cloud pics I took this morning

If you’re headed out for lunch be sure and bundle up! We are still just 36 degrees, with a  wind chill of 32 degrees.

The National Weather Service issues a snowfall map that shows the confidence in accumulating snowfall. They issued the latest one at 9:00 this morning and it shows about a 30-40% confidence in one inch or less of snow across the plateau for Saturday morning. Of course, that means there is a 60-70% chance of nothing. Still, 30-40% is better than nothing, right? (ha)


Anytime a storm system is approaching, the first clouds cast our way are always so beautiful. I was outside this morning and noticed how beautiful the sky was. I meant to share these in the morning blog but forgot to. The wispy nature of the clouds is a result of the increasing winds aloft. Winds in the atmosphere increase ahead of a storm system.


I hope you all are having a great day. I’ll keep an eye on our forecast for tonight. I still wouldn’t be too surprised to see some winter weather advisories issued for parts of the plateau for Saturday morning. I’ll keep you posted. Those advisories are currently being considered by the NWS for the KY counties bordering TN.

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