A few flurries for your lunch

You many have noticed some flurries flying around out there today. These flurries will not cause any problems. Temps for your lunch hour have now “warmed” to 34 degrees. Bundle up if you’re headed out!

I just sat in on a brief conference call by the NWS Nashville and they gave some insight into this weekend’s forecast. It’s looking more and more likely that Saturday will be very, very wet. We may end up getting at least two inches of rain. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us get even more than that here on the plateau.

Then, a very strong cold front moves through and any leftover moisture could turn to snow or sleet. Some accumulation of snow looks possible for Sunday. Right now, those accumulations look on the light side, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

This is still nearly a week away, so it’s impossible to nail time timing and accumulations.

Two things are looking very certain….we’re going to get a lot of rain on Saturday and it’s going to get very cold on Sunday.

I’ll keep you posted!

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