Big changes coming, but quite for now


Main Threats

No major threats this week.


Be careful if you’re out and about this morning. We’re still below freezing and some of this fog/drizzle/flurry action could make a slick spot or two on bridges and overpasses. Just be careful.

We’ll enjoy mostly cloudy skies today (enjoy, right?), before the sun returns for Tuesday. Have you noticed lately that the sun just does not like Mondays? Temps will stay about average today and tomorrow, before sliding several degrees above average the second half of the week. Those warm temps may help generate some thunderstorms Thursday/Thursday night, as a quick-moving system moves through.

Friday looks to be mostly cloudy, with rain moving in late. That rain is associated with a  strong storm system that will usher in some very cold air by Saturday night. This will be comparable to the cold air we experienced back in November, so get ready for the cold air!


It’s January. In fact, it’s the middle of January. I know many of you have seen the cold air we have coming next weekend dramatically broadcast on social media. Please don’t tag me in those posts. I know it’s coming! (HA) It’s January, so it’s going to get cold. Will we have snow? Who knows? It’s too early to tell right now. It certainly looks possible and it’s certainly worth watching, but it’s too soon to be making any snow forecast. Some of the forecast models take the storm too far north of us to get anything significant. One or two models say we’ll get a big snow. We see this every winter. Us Snowbirds will be keeping our fingers crossed! (ha) That’s my two cents worth.

Oh, and never trust a “weather” site that types in all caps. I just realized that I’m preaching to the choir. If you didn’t trust Meteorologist Mark you wouldn’t be hear, right? lol


On this day in 1987 a major arctic blast hit the northern plains. Blustery winds sent wind chill readings in Grand Forks, North Dakota down to 50 degrees below zero!

On this day in 1882 southern California picked up their greatest snowfall on record. A whopping 15 inches of snow blanketed San Bernardino and a trace of snow was even recorded in San Diego. Folks, that is an incredible snow situation for that part of the country. For those of you unfamiliar with this area, San Bernardino is just east of Los Angeles.



Record high: 65 (2007)

Record low: -1 (1963)

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:49

Today’s sunset: 4:49

Today’s Day Length: 9 hrs 59 mins 49 secs

Tomorrow’s Day Length: 10 hrs 0 mins 31 secs

One Year Ago Today

It was cold this time last year, too! Our high was only 29 degrees, after a very bitter cold start of seven degrees. No precipitation fell. Skies were fair all day and winds were calm all day.


A major winter storm struck the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic over the weekend. Check out some of those 18″+ totals across eastern Missouri. The heaviest of the snow nearly bulls-eyed St. Louis.


I’ll keep an eye out for any snow chances for us. Right now, all eyes are on Saturday night and Sunday, but there are too many uncertainties in the path of the low to make a good call right now (remember the post I did on the path of the low?). One thing is for sure…it’s going to get much colder next week!

Below is the temperature outlook for January 21-27.

For now, we’ll enjoy the mild weather coming the middle and end of this week! You all have a good day!

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