Weekend wx update

A winter weather advisory was just issued for south-central Kentucky for Saturday night. Snowfall amounts of 1-3 inches and wind gusts to 35 mph are possible there. This is the closest advisory issued to our area thus far. I wouldn’t be surprised advisories are issued for our area that will go into effect Saturday night. The biggest difference is that we only expect a dusting to an inch of accumulation. We will, however get those winds. Keep that in mind for Sunday, as those winds are going to have quite the bite to them!

The map below shows the winter weather advisory for portions of Kentucky for Saturday night.


We still expect periods of heavy rain for Saturday. Thunderstorms continue to look very possible, as well, with a few of them possibly becoming strong. Severe weather is expected to stay south of the southern border of Tennessee.

Next week looks continued unsettled. We quickly warm up for rain on Tuesday, cool off for a snow chance on Wednesday, and then we will deal with another system the end of next week that has raised my eyebrows a time or two when analyzing model data for a snow chance. It’s WAY too far off to know for sure what kind of snow chances we will have next week but just know that the week looks like an interesting one.

You all have a great rest of the day. We have warmed to 50 degrees today, even with the clouds around.

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