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A cold front is coming!


Main threats

Today: Strong, gusty winds. A wind advisory is in effect until 3:00 p.m. Also be mindful of heavy downpours of rain today that could lead to localized flooding.

Tonight/Thursday morning: wintry precipitation that could impact travel.

Thursday evening/night: light snow showers that may impact travel

Saturday night: Light snow that could impact travel


Hold onto your hats today! That wind is brutal out there. Thank goodness these are warmer, southerly winds and not cold, northerly winds.  That wind is also blowing in some rain and some of that could be heavy. Be mindful of the usual flood spots, as our saturated soils have limited places for the water to go.

The cold front comes in this evening and temperatures will drop like a rock. The winds will die down somewhat, thank goodness, but there will still be a cold north breeze tonight. There will also be some snowflakes flying in that breeze, with up to one-half inch of accumulation by Thursday morning. Be careful driving in the morning, as there could be some slick roads.

We may climb just a couple degrees or so above freezing on Thursday, ahead of our next cold front that moves in Thursday night. There may be enough moisture left over for the front to squeeze out some snow showers that could whiten some back roads again Thursday night. Be mindful of that. That cold front is ushering in a cold air mass that will stick around a while.

Yet another quick-moving system will move in Saturday evening/night and bring us another chance for snow showers. Light accumulation is again possible but I think that accumulation will stay under an inch. I’ll keep an eye on that. Some guidance suggests that this will stay north of our area, while other guidance shows us getting clipped enough by it to get some snow showers.

Moisture could linger into Sunday in the form of either snow showers or rain/snow showers.

This cold, unsettled pattern that looks to continue right on into next week, with more rain and snow chances. Stay tuned!


The records show an event that I can’t for the life of me remember. It says that on this day in 2016 Jamestown recorded 15 inches of snow. It’s odd that I don’t remember that. That must have been our last good snow, but I don’t think we had much of anything down here in Cumberland County. If you remember this feel free to comment.

Nashville picked up eight inches, making it their third heaviest January snow on record.

On this day in 1963 a cold front that many consider the strongest in our history crossed the state. At least half a foot of snow fell with the front, but that wasn’t the big headline. The big news was the temperature drop! Nashville’s high this day was 48 degrees but by midnight they were 13 degrees BELOW zero! That’s a 61-degree range in temperature for that one day. This is the greatest one-day temperature drop in the city’s history.

If you think that’s bad….

On this day in 1971 the coldest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. occurred at Prospect Creek, Alaska. Any guesses as to how cold that was? It was COLD! (ha) The temperature officially dropped to 80 degrees BELOW zero. Holy smokes that’s cold! I bet even the Polar Bears got chilly!

Maybe I should start a new phrase….”It’s colder than a Prospect Creek polar bear in ’71.” It could catch on! (ha)



Record high: 66 (1967)

Record low: -14 (1963)

Today’s sunset: 4:58

Tomorrow’s sunrise: 6:45

Today’s day length: 10 hrs 12 mins 09 secs

Tomorrow’s day length: 10 hrs 13 mins 45 secs

One Year Ago Today

I said yesterday I bet we had a cold front coming through today and we sure did. While the high temperature was 50 degrees, that high occurred just after midnight, just as that cold front was sweeping through. The rest of the day was cloudy, with temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. Yikes! It was a very breezy day, too, with winds gusting to the 20s. Remember, the day before this we were near 60 degrees for a high!


Sky viewing conditions: POOR

Moon phase: waning gibbous with 92% illumination (#6)


Well, you can’t see much of anything but clouds today and tonight, but if you could see the sky we would be looking for a “daylight” moon. I noticed this yesterday morning as I was driving to work. The Full Moon wast still very visible after sunrise, in the western sky near the horizon. Look for it if we get a break from the clouds anytime soon….

News reported yesterday that a meteorite impacted the moon during the total lunar eclipse Sunday night. It wasn’t noticed by the naked eye but better telescopes captured the impact. Meteorites are no stranger to the moon, as is evident by looking at its surface. Still, to have one impact during the eclipse is quite the sight!

In the image below, the arrow in the lower left-hand portion of the moon points to the impact location. A zoomed-in photo is included below this one.



You all have a great day! I’ll keep you posted on the wintry weather expected tonight! Right now, the front is crossing the Mississippi River. Notice the mixed precip starting to show us as far south as Louisiana, on the back side of the main rain shield. Memphis is still 52 degrees, while just to their west temps are in the upper 30s and falling (see current temp map below).



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