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Weather update

The good news is that we are 50 degrees, so there are no worries of anything frozen on your drive home this evening. The cold air with this front will arrive much later tonight and by the time it does, most of the moisture will be gone. Still, many of us could see a dusting to as much as half an inch of snow by Thursday morning. The greater concern is all this water freezing on the road tonight. Please be careful if you’re out and about late tonight or Thursday morning.

The current radar suggest you may want an umbrella as you leave work today.


The latest guidance today suggest that we will have another shot at some light snow Saturday night. That could lead to some minor accumulation before we warm up Sunday afternoon enough to melt it.

Next week is looking very interesting (and cold!). I’ll look over more data tonight and in the morning before trying to even begin to speculate on wintry precip for next week. Right now it looks like the snowbirds may get their wish next week. That’s all I’m saying on that matter for now! ha

We are in a very active pattern that will continue to have wild swings in temperature and precip through next week. Buckle up and stay tuned!

You all have a great evening and please be safe on those wet roads.

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