Lunchtime update

If you’re headed out for lunch today be sure and bundle up! Temps are struggling to climb today and we are still just 24 degrees, with a wind chill of 20 degrees. Skies are mostly cloudy across Middle TN, but some breaks in the clouds have allowed Nashville to warm to 33 degrees now. Hopefully, we’ll get in on some of that warmer air before the day is done.

I just sat in on a conference call by the NWS Nashville office and they have advised that they will be doing special briefings all weekend to keep us abreast of the weather situation coming for next week. I’ll keep you all posted!

Our GFS model data just came in and it continues to show a solid band of snow behind that big cold front Tuesday. Keep those fingers crossed, Snowbirds! A lot can change with this forecast, so stay tuned. We’ve seen our snow taken away many, many times….

I do want to say that there are strong indications that overnight lows by the middle to end of next week could approach zero degrees. If you had trouble with pipes in this last cold spell (I’ve heard a LOT of bad stories) you better make sure you have that taken care of. This will likely be the coldest air we’ve seen in some time.

You all have a great day and I’ll be keepin’ an eye on that crazy weather!

I’ll leave you with this image. Florida has been raked with strong storms this morning that have been producing incredible amounts of lightning. The lightning you see across the Atlantic is what happened when the front reached the warm waters of the Gulf Stream Current. It’s been pretty cool to watch!


I’m not sure you can see the movie below, but it shows how the storms really fired up in the Gulf Stream Current. I shared this on my social media pages in case you can’t see it here.

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